Scum On Feel Noise ; Insane We’ll Meet Again

Tulisan ini saya tulis pada tahun 1998 bersama [alm] Ivan Scumbag di Kaum Kidul, di kamar Ivan, di bawah pengaruh vodka, leksotan, dan ganja. ini adalah tulisan meracau. Sampai sekarang saya tak tahu ini menceritakan soal apa. Tapi yang jelas ini menceritakan kebanggaan kami akan Burgerkill. ini juga refleksi lain dari lagu “Blank Proudness”. Saya sangat yakin, beberapa kalimat yang tercantum di artikel ini asalnya akan saya masukkan sebagai lirik lagu “Blank Proudness”. Saya memberi judul tulisan ini “Insane We’ll Meet Again”, terinspirasi dari penggalan lirik lagu “Crystal Ship”-nya The Doors – sementara Ivan memberi judul tulisan ini “Scum On Feel the Noise!”. Saya akhirnya memuat dua judul itu. So, inilah, tulisan kami berdua…


We preach riot, hatred, self-loathing, bloody revolution and complete contemp for compromise. We have more energy and anger and intelligence than anyone in this whole cursed world, refusing to get on the anarcho/squat/shit treadmill. We wanna be the biggest rock nightmare ever and we wanna take all the nation with us. We’ll do whatever is required and give you the biggest ever post humous record sales We’ve spray painted our school shirt to wipe out the brainwash and the boredom. We are he scums that remind people of misery. When we jumped on the stage, it’s not a rock or hardcore cliché, but the geometery of contempt. We’ve seen so much energy at raves but also too much love. It’s so nice to see young people enjoying themselves and keeping out of trouble. We don’t display our wounds, we shove them in people’s faces. We are young beautiful scum pissed off with the world. All we’ve ever wanted is the reality of oblivion to get the jackplugged to hell. There is more self-hate in this band than you can realize. And if you keep on following our footsteps, then you’ll find that we hate ourselves totally.


Everybody in the nation is turned on by the happy-Monday-shit-music because of the lifestyle. But, we have the songs and ideas to back it up—because we are the most original lifestyle and band on the world. By denying ourselves a past, we are trying to find a worthwhile present out of this junky wreckage of life. We are the guitar edge of 90’s youth enfranchisement but for us, life is still repetition, humiliation, boredom. You can’t dance if you allow reality to eat in your thoughts. Just the same as you can’t stage dive. We kick them away. So you better listen to this shit or you fuck off. Wipe out the aristocracy, now kill! Government and country dump the scum falg and we drowning in manufactured ego fuckers. Boredom bred the thoughts of throwing bricks and we’ve been down for so damn long. We feel like rest of this country by banging our head against the wall.


We are the the suicide of non-generation. We are as faraway from anything in time as possible. We ruined everything—when fresh faced the little boys in gaudy t-shirt’s made exciting rocks and hardcore which they were convinced would shame the world into improvement. Retrogressive, exciting and inspired. You’ll probably hate us. We’re not in the personal entertainment. We aren’t wallowing in any music paper’s freaks. We might sound like the last 30 years of rock or sound like year 2100 of rock, our mind and soul addresses the issues of universal mind.


It’s a search. A frantic search for the absolutely nothing. An opening of one door after another. As yet there’s no consistent phyilosophy or politics. Sensousness and evil is an attractive image now. The snakeskin that will be shed sometimes. Works, performs of a striving for metamorphosis. Dark life, the dark side of life, the evil things,  the darkside of the moon brokenthru to some cleaner, freer realm.


It’s a purification ritual in the alchemical sense. First you have to have the period of disorder, chaos, refusing to a primeval disaster region. Out of that, you purify the elements and find a new seed of life which transform all life, all matter, and all personality until finally you emerge and marry all those dualism and opposites. Then you’re not talking about evil and good anymore but something unified and pure. Our music and personalities as seen on the performs are still in the state of chaos and disorder with maybe an incipient element of purity kind of starting. Lately, when we’ve appeared in person, it’s started to merge together. The city is looking for a ritual to join its fragment. This is just like a sort of the electric wedding ritual. And we are too. Insane we’ll meet again.


[Kims & Scumbag]

Ujungberung, circa 1998



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